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If you would like to hear more sample's of 'Echoes of Eden' Music, please click on our Youtube link below.  We hope you enjoy:)
Echoes of Eden can also be heard occasionally on local radio station BAY FM 100.3.   We are very grateful for their wonderful support, and especially to our dear friend and announcer "Rae Fellows".




 'Escape with us  into a realm of haunting harmonies and soothing melodies. 'Let your cares and worry's silently drift away as you journey with Echoes of Eden into ethereal realms.  




Hi,  We are Sarah and Wendy of ECHOES OF EDEN, we are a mother & daughter duo who sing uplifting original, modern and traditional Celtic music. We have recently released our first CD entitled "Life Spirit" and we would like to say a sincere thank-you to Indigiscapes and Folk Redlands for their kind support & enthusiastic hosting of our CD Launch in 2008.  We are also very grateful for all our wonderful supporters, friends and family who lift us up with so many kind, heartfelt words and actions.    You have all shown us so much dedication and appreciation, which will always be precious to us.  Thank-you

We hope you enjoy your time with us here, thank-you for visiting ECHOES OF EDEN.

Warm regards,


Sarah & Wendy



Music:  Echoes of Eden                                              

Sarah and Wendy sing A' Capella - a style which enhances the pure tones of their voices, ethereal high notes and mellow harmonies.  They carefully choose the themes of their music to reflect a peaceful and loving philosophy of life.  Their themes include conservation, peace, love, human rights and the eternal nature of the soul. Wendy composes many of the flowing melodies and inspiring lyrics of the songs performed by ECHOES OF EDEN and Sarah creates unique and gentle harmonies.

Wendy and Sarah have enjoyed performing together professionally for over 2 years now. They perform for Special occasions, Festivals, Environment days, Wedding and Celebration of Life Ceremonies and Charity events.  They also perform regularly at Folk Redlands  in the Indigiscapes Environmental Center at 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba.

"Indigiscapes" Environment Center is situated in a peaceful nature reserve where the atmosphere is family-friendly and relaxing.  Sarah and Wendy love performing here in this lovely Native Botanical garden as  it's one of the most beautiful &  perfect environments for us to share our passion for music:)  Sarah & Wendy also perform at many of the annual Folk Redlands Festivals, and at special occasions, ceremonies and charity events in their local community. 


       Recent performance highlights include: 

  • RELAY FOR LIFE (Closing Ceremony) QLD Cancer Council Fundraiser (May 2010)

  • 'GIRLS NIGHT IN'' at Curves Gym, Vic Pt (2009)

  • REDFEST 2009
  • The Redlands Folk Festival (July 2009)

  • Celtic Day at Whepstead Manor (July 2009)
  • Redland Bay's Biggest Supper (Cancer fund-raising - June 2009)

  • Earth Hour at Indigiscapes Environment Center - (April 2009)


Life Spirit CD                                                               


Escape with ECHOES OF EDEN into a realm of haunting harmonies and soothing melodies. Sarah and Wendy will uplift and inspire you with their breathtaking, unique blend of original, modern and traditional Celtic music.   





'LIFE SPIRIT'  features thirteen Celtic inspired songs, including original, modern and traditional tunes.   The CD also includes many of Wendy's provocative and inspiring original songs...including one of our favorites - the moving ballad "On Inishmore"  .."Life Spirit" also includes our own versions of some well loved favorites from other respected artists such as:  Fields of Gold ("Sting")  Walking in the Air (originally performed by "Celtic Women") and "The Prayer" - (which has also been performed by many gifted artists).


Some lovely Comments we received at our CD launch of

"Life Spirit"


That was a glimpse of heaven"  (Dorothy)

"You are the Stradivarius of A Capella"  (Paul)

"That was world class"   (Vic)

"Your music transports me to another world"  (Kathleen)

"I feel like I'm in the Aran islands"  (Folk Redlands Artist)

"Such pure voices"   (Kathleen's sister)

"Sarah is a songbird"  (Judi)

"My favorite song was Life Spirit"  (Judith)

"You sing like angels"  (many people)


If you would like to order the 'Life Spirit 'CD please go to our web-store or alternatively you can contact us personally through our email links on this site:)

Who are the Celts?                                                     

The Celts are the descendents of tribes from various ethnic origins - from Germany down to modern Spain and from Ireland to as far east as Turkey. They shared a distinctive style of language, mythology, warfare, art and music. From their heartlands, they migrated in all directions, fighting and trading and leaving in their wake superbly crafted weaponry, jewelry and artifacts of artistic brilliance.

In the last hundred years there has ben a revival of interest in the traditions of these people, especially the poetry, story-telling, spiritual beliefs and music from the lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany - the last remnants of a culture which once dominated the whole of Europe

Sarah and Wendy are Australians who were born in England. They have Irish  and Scottish ancestry and are naturally attracted to their heritage of Celtic music.

The Irish say there are two kinds of people: those who are Irish and those who want to be Irish.  


Booking Echoes of Eden                                           

ECHOES OF EDEN would love to help make your next event even more uplifting and memorable. To book ECHOES OF EDEN, please see our "Contact Us" page.

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