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Life Spirit CD


"Life Spirit" is an uplifling compilation of original, modern and traditional Celtic inspired folk music. Escape with Echoes of Eden into a realm of haunting harmonies & soothing melodies.  Let their unique blend of Celtic music enchant & inspire you

Songs include:


  1. Echoes of Eden (by Wendy Squire)
  2. Walking in the Air
  3. Celtic Blessing  (by Wendy Squire)
  4. Fields of Gold (by Sting)
  5. Waltz for my Father
  6. On Inishmore  (by Wendy Squire)
  7. Braveheart (D'Goya)
  8. Running to paradise  (by Wendy Squire)
  9. Heavenly Love
  10. Nightingale's Lullaby (Traditional)
  11. Life Spirit  (by Wendy Squire)
  12. The Prayer
  13. Anam Cara  (by Wendy Squire)

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