Music to soothe & enchant you

Meet Echoes of Eden                                                  


You are now listening to Echoes of Eden singing an original celtic inspired ballad called 'Life Spirit' .  This is also the title song for our new  CD 





 Wendy Squire  © 2008



In the gap between the lines, I read

In the silence between the notes, I hear

In the spaces between thought, I see

In the light of your eyes, I know



Don't confine me to a body of clay, I cannot be contained

Don't put my in a heaven so far away, beyond time and space

Don't make me the one and only one, to steal away in praise

Don't summon me to meditation or prayer; I am nowhere, no place





Don't make yourself my emissary, shaman or visionary

My mystery, my wisdoms free, nurturing life's seed

Don't make me your glorious god of war, in man's image wrought

Oh know this...I am all that is, the intelligence, love sought



SARAH MORRISON Vocalist/Performer                                                 


"Celtic music soothes our minds, reaching deep into our souls with its beautiful rhythms and cadences. It awakens the eternal nature that sleeps in our bones and gives voice to our ancient belonging.  Amidst the noise and aggression of a frantic, driven world, it offers us a sacred space where we can hear the deeper harmony which plays secretly beneath the surface, bringing unity and peace.  Celtic music is so vital today because it awakens the hidden wells of the soul and gentles our stressed hearts."  by John O'Donohue, Celtic poet and philosopher.


Sarah Morrison is a vocalist & performer who is presently performing in the musical duo 'Echoes of Eden'.  Echoes of Eden perform orginal, modern & traditional Celtic folk music.  Sarah's pure vocals & haunting harmonies are breathtaking. 

The main genre that Sarah performs now is modern & traditional Celtic folk. There are also many other styles that she enjoys singing, including popular music, classical, jazz & blues.  (These include Eva Cassidy blues arrangements and the well-known songs 'All I Ask', 'Wishing', 'Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera. )  Sarah has been inspired and influenced by many artists, including: Celtic Women, Secret Garden, Loreena McKennit, Connie Dover and Eva Cassidy. 

Sarah has recently completed Certificate IV in both Music & Music Business.  During these courses Sarah worked with other talented teachers and musicians to gain additional expertise in performance, event promotions and management.

From an early age, Sarah has enjoyed singing & performing.  Her participation in musicals, vocal groups, church choirs and solo performances recieved warm encouragment & support from many wonderful music teachers, peers & leaders. Sarah belongs to a very musical family who take great pride in creating thoughtful, inspiring and original music. For many years, she has enjoyed singing with both her mother Wendy and her sister Kate for special family events & celebrations.

Sarah plans to continue her journey in discovering the capabilities of her voice and exploring different genres. She hopes to bring peace, serenity & joy to all who listen. 

WENDY SQUIRE - Vocalist/Songwriter                                                      


Wendy's compositions reflect the timeless themes of honour, love, happiness, sorrow and leave-taking, love of land and nature, peace, war... and immortality.

"Her lyrics and melodies reveal the grace and depth of feeling that make it easy to understand why so many people consider Celtic music to be the original "soul" music". 



Wendy Squire is a vocalist and songwriter.  Wendy writes beautiful and inspiring lyrics and melodies for our duo 'Echoes of Eden'.  Wendy is also an award winning Australian Author, and is a member of the Carindale writers group in Brisbane.

Wendy and Sarah have  enjoyed performing together as a mother and daughter duo for over 2 years now and have recently released their first CD entitled "Life Spirit".                 "Life Spirit" features thirteen songs, six of which are originals written by Wendy: Anam Cara, Life Spirit, Running to Paradise, On Inishmore, Celtic Blessing and Echoes of Eden.

Wendy is a former teacher who, during her teaching career, specialised in using music and experiential drama to integrate a variety of subject  areas, thus captivating the imagination and enthusiasm of her students and enhancing their learning outcomes.

Wendy plays guitar and hammered dulcimer and also enjoys singing A' capella to accentuate the purity of the voice and the meaning of the lyrics. She is currently concentrating on her writing projects, which include song-writing and writing a post-apocalyptic novel set in Australia in the not too distant future.